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New Classic Batman Diorama

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and it’s funny how quickly time flies.

Just wanted to take a few minutes to point out something new from Hamilton Collection that brings Classic Batman (Adam West et al) to life!

As can be seen in the photo, there’s quite a bit of action in this forthcoming prebuilt/prepainted diorama. While the likenesses at least in the picture are not right on, the final product may be closer. However, even if not, the concept is impressive with both Batman, Robin and all the main baddies.

Also interesting is the fact that the diorama is lighted. The price on this is $299, plus shipping, which seems like a lot until you break it down by figure. There are 6 figures and the diorama base which means it costs essentially $50/figure.

The whole thing stands 13 1/2″ tall and 13″ wide. I’m guessing each figure is roughly 1/8th scale or smaller.

This is one that I’ll seriously have to consider adding to my collection. I have others from the Bradford Collection. These are the individual figures of Batman, Robin, Riddler and the Joker. I also have the Snowglobe Batcave. They all have either lights or music.

So far, this one coming may be the best crafted. Certainly, it represents the best scene so far with lots of implied action.

For Classic Batman fans, this may be something seriously worth considering.

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